RIGOROUS Food Safety

For your peace of mind

At Excellent Fruit & Produce, our single most important business initiative is the safety of our products. We have an unwavering commitment to food safety and sanitation, not only for the financial security of our own company, but for the financial security of our customers as well as the health and wellness of the consumers whose fresh produce needs were entrusted in our hands.

Our commitment to Food Safety aims to protect your Customers

To safeguard our products and our customers, here’s what we’re doing in our facilities:

  • Cold chain throughout our refrigerated and environmentally-controlled facilities and distribution system. This cold chain is monitored from the beginning by checking all inbound trucks for proper temperature. Maintaining our products at the appropriate temperatures preserves shelf life and quality and is critical to any food safety program.
  • Fully documented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP Plan)
  • FDA / USDA compliant recall program
  • Third Party Inspections to review our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Food Safety Program.
  • Liability Insurance that cover all products
  • Documented Pest Control Program
  • Food Manager Certification and Good Manufacturing Practice training for key personnel
  • Documented Temperature monitoring from point of receiving to point of delivery
  • Continuous Food Safety Education Training for warehouse and operational employees