It’s the habit we nurture

Quality control is the backbone of our operation. By being in the last mile of the Cold Supply Chain, we have learned to be very careful in selecting our vendors.

We understand that picking the right farms, packers, brokers and transportation services are key factors that allow us to receive the best quality possible at our premises.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

To deliver nothing but excellent quality produce every day, we have in place a three-point quality assurance inspection process. Each product is inspected at 3 points before it is delivered to your foodservice facility:

  • At time of receipt. Our experienced personnel carry rigorous inspections whether we pick up the product at a redistribution facility or we received it at our warehouse.
  • At loading on our own refrigerated facility: Every order is hand-prepared and hand-picked by one of our warehouse personnel who have all received detailed training to check for and detect both physical and visual quality defects and imperfections. Additionally, all of our managers are certified food safety managers by the State of Florida and we have in place a HACCP Plan to ensure food safety in our operations.
  • At delivery in your foodservice establishment: Our drivers are instructed to visually perform a last minute inspection of all the produce. Pre-established corrective measures will be taken if any quality defects and imperfections are identified.

We are aware that excellent quality is a team effort that only can be attained with high levels of commitment. Our company operates every day to ensure that those levels of commitment are upheld.