Delivering freshness with care

We are committed to exceeding your expectations on every delivery and with every product. Embedded in our Company culture is the sense that we do not have accounts that we sell to, we have relationships that we nurture. Our focus every day is to become your preferred fresh produce supplier.

Our service and operational systems are designed with you in mind, looking to demonstrate that we are the easiest company to do business with.

We deliver fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs every day on our fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Our service is delightful because:

  • Nothing less than 100% order fulfillment and on-time delivery in every order will satisfy our operations and sales team;
  • We go to great lengths to eliminate shortages in the first round of deliveries;
  • We provide convenient and flexible ordering via online, phone, text or e-mail;
  • We offer second round emergency delivery service to all of our customers in an expedited and urgent way. Just call our customer service line, or contact your sales representative to schedule a service delivery. We understand that emergencies and last minute adjustments are of daily occurrence in our industry;
  • We empower you with information. Personalized service, transparency, and strong lines of communication ensure that you have the information and resources needed to keep control of your purchases and to make the best buying decisions.

We want to make sure your business runs smoothly so that you can focus on your most important task: giving your customers a memorable culinary experience.

There is no request too small, no request too large, and no-can’t-do at Excellent Fruit & Produce.